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Who’s More Co-Dependent?

So, I just FaceTimed with my dog. Because he is not allowed at my current house (that’s why I am moving–see previous posts), he is staying in Arizona for a few weeks. Last night was his first night there. In the ten days since I’ve picked him up from the shelter, he’s not left my… Read More

Meet Goliath

If you thought this post was going to be about anything but my new Dog Baby, well you would be wrong. I picked up Goliath from the Mission Viejo Animal Shelter Friday (which is an awesome shelter. If I were a stray, it would be good karma if I ended up here). It was raining… Read More

What’s New (Part 2)

So…after yesterday’s big news (that I am moving –hopefully in the area), I can reveal Big News #2. We have to move because we adopted a DOG! Wahoo! If you want to hear the drama of the last time I tried to get a dog, click HERE. This time, it wasn’t as difficult. Except, my… Read More