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All Work And No Play…

This weekend, I had a super fun shoot with friends, dressed up and met people at a trade show, had dinner and wine with more friends, and stayed in an amazing condo overlooking Solana Beach. Yep, I love my job. Here are my Instagram pics from the weekend. (If you follow me on Insta, sorry… Read More

Getting Pushed

I had a roaring text debate with one of my roommates last night. This is nothing new. Both being strong-willed, opinionated people, from very different backgrounds, we frequently go back and forth about one topic or another. The topic of last night’s discussion, “Being Pushed to Grow.” My stance was that not everyone wants to… Read More

Outshine The Darkness

Last weekend, I got to see and hang out with my childhood best friend when she came for a convention in Los Angeles. The 19-year separation had melted away instantly as we caught up with each others’ lives. We laughed and commiserated and danced and had a great time. At the end of the evening,… Read More