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What is Fear Asking You To Do Today?

On a recent early morning flight, I blurrily made my way to the first place that served the magic morning elixir I’ve come to depend on to help me jump start my day. I wasn’t the only one. The line was snaking out of the stall with other blurry eyed passengers looking for the same.… Read More

When Life Feels Out Of Your Control

Recently, I was put in a situation that was completely out of my control. Being a control freak, Type-A, whatever you want to call it, any situation where I feel out of control sends me into a panic. I liken it to the feeling of the drop on a roller coaster where your stomach feels… Read More

How To Cultivate An Abundance Mindset

Many years ago, I was on a family vacation in Sequoia, a beautiful national park abundantly filled with massive trees and inviting lakes. One day, we were splashing about in one of the swimming holes and happened upon a small cliff that people were jumping from. Judging from the laughing and the revelry, everyone was having a… Read More

A Change Will Do You Good

Change is scary. Most of the time it involves you leaving a comfort zone and stepping into a situation may be new and unexpected. The uncharted territory causes doubts to surface and butterflies in the tummy. Many people will stay in the safe zone for too long, maybe forever, before leaving (or being shoved out)… Read More

Fear…Less (Repost)

This is a repost from two years ago. It’s funny (in an annoying, not so funny way) to look back and see how I struggled with the SAME.EXACT.THINGS. Just in a different context. Will I ever, EVER, master fear?? ——————————————————————————————————————————————————Fear. It is a powerful force in it’s ability to paralyze, hurt and manifest itself into… Read More

Tales Of A Worrywart

I’m a worrier. I can’t even count the number of hours in my life wasted worrying about stuff…and 99% of the things I worry about never come to fruition. Being of an obsessive-compulsive personality type, I will sit and make myself sick over something that I have no control over (Usually, that’s about the time… Read More

Fear & Imprisonment

I’ve been following the media coverage of the women in Ohio found after being held captive for ten years. My heart truly breaks for what they had to endure year after year at the hands of three disgusting men whom at the very least should have their freedoms taken away for far longer than the… Read More

Let Go.

I was vacationing in Sequoia once, and we were swimming in the river. We came upon a small bridge, and one of the people in our group had the great idea of jumping off of it into the water. It wasn’t that far of a drop, and I am normally not affected by heights, but… Read More

Screaming Like An Eight Year Old Girl

The sky was starting to get dark as the sun slipped behind the mountains. I shivered, not in cold, but with a little apprehension. We picked up our pace toward our destination, my best friend’s house, only a few blocks away. I was 8-years-old and it was the first time my parents had allowed me… Read More

The Myth Of The Runner’s High

I hate running. I’m pretty sure that this “runner’s high” that people talk about is a myth. I’ve run a few races, ran a 7-minute mile once in high school to impress a guy I liked and ran like a guinea pig on the treadmill at the gym while bitterly watching the food network and… Read More