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How To Let Go Of The Past and Move Forward

I laid on the bathroom floor, my body limp and spent. Dried tears streaked down my face and animalistic whimpers would escape every so often between hiccuped breathing as I tried to soothe myself on the cold hard linoleum of the bathroom floor. No matter how hard I had kicked the door and screamed, no one… Read More

Screaming Like An Eight Year Old Girl

The sky was starting to get dark as the sun slipped behind the mountains. I shivered, not in cold, but with a little apprehension. We picked up our pace toward our destination, my best friend’s house, only a few blocks away. I was 8-years-old and it was the first time my parents had allowed me… Read More

My Heritage: All the Grandparents

I raced home from the bus stop after school one day as I always did. Excited that it was Monday, the only day my parents closed the restaurant so they could rest and drive to Los Angeles to buy supplies. It was a minimum day AND I had no homework. I had grand plans with… Read More