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#2016BestNine Books I Read This Year

My favorite day at school when I was in the 4th grade was Tuesday. I would look forward all week to 10:15 am Tuesday morning because that was when my teacher would line us all up and march us to the small portable set up at the edge of the school – the library. It… Read More

Twilight…Um, Okay.

I tried to jump on the Twilight bandwagon. (Yes, the vampire ones) I was desperate. Don’t judge. With a 5 hour drive alone ahead through the deserts of Arizona, I could only find two audiobooks available to stream–Harry Potter or Twilight. Harry Potter is for sure not really my genre when I choose to read,… Read More

The Magic

I’m starting each day listing 10 things I am grateful for and why. Now, I feel like I’m a pretty grateful person. I say thank you a lot, I ponder why I am blessed and since working on my transformation to becoming an optimist, I’ve been trying to see all the great things that have… Read More

What I Am Reading (February 2013)

I was one of those kids who would put a towel under my door at night, so my parents wouldn’t see the light on as I promised myself “just one more chapter.” Although there was a TV in my room, it did little more than collect dust as I devoured book after book often staying… Read More

Embracing Happiness

I held my breath in anticipation. Time seemed to stop as I looked down rows and rows searching for the one I was looking for. As I scanned each item, I mentally reject them one by one and sighing in frustration as I come down to the last aisle, still empty handed. And then, I… Read More

my life: the summer of moderation

My life. It’s go, go and go some more. I’m usually a master juggler–having too many things to manage and not enough time to juggle them all well. My calendar is a menagerie of color explosions – Pink for Photography, Yellow for Family, Blue for Day Job, Green for Mackenzie’s activities, Brown for Other, and… Read More