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The 40: Moving To The Next Age Bracket

I woke up this morning feeling no different than I did yesterday (Well, maybe a bit less tired since I finally got a good, full night’s sleep). The only thing different is that I no longer am checking the 35-39 age group box, but the 40-44 will now be my go-to.   40 years old.… Read More


Nine years ago today, after 4 days of labor, I held in my hands a 7lb 2oz, wrinkly pink, yawning baby girl. And she was perfect. Today, she is a sassy, intelligent, social butterfly that still holds an air of innocence and is full of wild laughter. There’s nothing in the world I love more.… Read More

Happy [Belated] Birthday to My Mama!

Technically it’s still my Mom’s birthday, but since it’s Sunday, and I don’t blog on the weekends (plus I had three shoots), it’s posting the day after my mom’s 39th birthday. She’s been turning 39 for as long as I remember. Except a few years ago when she was turning 29 every year. Now, I’m… Read More

Holy Crap…

In exactly two weeks, I am going to be 36. THIRTY.SIX. Hang on, while I let that sink in for a second… THIRTY.SIX. And actually, I am more cool with it than I thought I’d be. In fact, I’m pretty excited. I have lots of plans, goals and dreams I’m visualizing right now, and I… Read More

Happy Birthday To My Baby Brother!

I remember riding the bus to school on September 23rd, 1985. My grandmother had to take me to the bus stop because my dad was taking my mom to the hospital. They told me when I came home, I would be able to hold my little brother. I could not wait to be a “mommy.”… Read More


“Remember 7.” That’s what she used to say when asked when her birthday was. And I was okay with her saying it forever, but somewhere down the line, she learned that her birthday was actually “November 7th.” She started talking when she was about one and a half and has never stopped. When she grows… Read More


I’m entering into the slippy slope of middle agedness today. And in honor of my 34th birthday, I’ve gotten the government to give everyone the day off work. They call it Labor Day, but we all know the real reason you are BBQing by the pool today. Enjoy and you’re welcome.