Summer Lovin’

The first days of summer…ahhhhh.

Spent the first days of summer as it should’ve been spent. A quick day trip to LA, Disneyland, the beach, drinking, and being with friends. Hope this is a portend of the entire summer. I’m almost at my goal weight, my skin already has the sting of summer as it melds into a deeper shade of brown, my hair is lighter (chemically enhanced, of course) and has, if by the command of its natural surroundings, developed a beachy wave.

As a child, summer, as for all kids, meant FREEDOM. For me, that looked like reading piles and piles of books, hanging out with friends, and not worrying about anything at all.

Every summer of my adult life, (since I’ve been in education for the last 15 years, I’ve had summers off from the job), I make lists of goals I want to accomplish before the school year begins. Finish the 2005 scrapbook, clean out the garage, organize my wardrobe by color….and then when I started the photography business in 2008, my summers were devoted to weddings. But this year, I’m going back to the summers of my childhood (minus the bad perm). No goals, no set plans, some work responsibilities (but not a huge amount). I have piles and piles of books and no agenda.

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