Stuck in NYC – #getmehome

I am sitting in the lobby of my hotel. Babies are crying around, people are huddled around the power outlets trying to call area hotels, car rental companies, airlines, family, friends, etc. Tensions are high, people are frustrated and I am doing my best to focus on getting some work done and figuring out a way to get us home.

We are thankful that our hotel in midtown Manhattan was virtually unscathed by Hurricane Sandy, dubbed “Frankenstorm.” Those below 39th street didn’t fare as well. But now, we are stuck. Literally. All public transport has been shut down for the next few days, our flights have been canceled until the earliest Sunday, finding a hotel under $500 a night is impossible and most businesses are closed or are cash only.

So, the three of us have taken matters into our own hands and have rented a car and will be taking a road trip home and making this into an adventure (better than a “sleep on the cold, wet streets of NYC” type of adventure). And we need your help. If you could, please consider donating a couple of bucks to our cause. Any proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund. And please share on your social media networks if you can. We appreciate all your help!

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