Stilettos Are Not *Just* For Vegas…

Singing along to the radio, like I always do, I looked at my watch, glad that I was going to be early to my first job interview in over 6 years. I did a mental survey –resume, check; teeth brushed –check; lip gloss –check; shoes…


I looked down and realized that with my conservative business attire, I had, by habit, put on my flip flops and walked out the door. So there I was, halfway into my one hour drive for this interview, wearing a dress and flip flops. Awesome.

Thankfully, I had a few minutes to spare to stop at the nearest store to grab a pair of shoes. Easy right?

We’re talking me and shoes –so the answer is no.

I couldn’t get the ugly multi-glitter flats – they didn’t match and I’d never wear them again. Waste of money.

The red heels didn’t fit right.

The black pumps made my feet look funny.

The silver ones had spikes and spikes + job interview = bad impression.

The gold shiny ones were too stripper-esque…

So, I walked into my first job interview in 6 years twenty minutes late (in my defense there WAS traffic).

I’m pretty sure I didn’t get the job, but I am now the owner of a cute pair of black glitter peep-toe stilettos 🙂

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