Signs of Summer

The kitties chase the big orange orbs as if they were toys. Our gardener spends a good amount of time picking them off our lawn. My best friend walked off with a bag with the sweet promise of cobbler. I look out at the side yard and it is covered with peaches that have fallen off my peach tree. It smells heavenly, despite the June Bugs and gnats that flitter around looking for a meal. It sits right next to an apple tree that this fall will be full of green apples.

So today, Mackenzie and I picked a bagful of peaches only to look up and see that we didn’t even make a dent.

This is kind of a boring shot, but you get the point as to how many freaking peaches we have (this is after we picked a bagful!)

My helper:

5 thoughts on “Signs of Summer

  1. Hi Hanssie! She is adorable, and what a great helper. I hear ya about the peaches. We had so many, but unfortunately, some critters ate most of them. Have a great day.

  2. how exciting! You need to invite every one over to save you from having so many! ;)… Your daughter is too much, so adorable! Love the hair.

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