You Need to Listen to This Important Message.

I just turned 38 a few weeks ago, and though it may be cliche, time seems to be racing by. It seemed like it was just yesterday that the ball dropped in Times Square for New Year’s Eve 2001, and now we just commemorated the 14th anniversary of 9/11. I’ll be 40-years-old in a few years and, man, where does the time go?

As a mom, it feels like I’m in a constant tailspin of go, go, go. From sun up to far past sunset, I am in a constant whirlwind of work, homeschool, cooking, cleaning, trying to pay the bills, take care of the dogs, the house, etc…it’s never ending. Stress seems to be the constant state of mind in a society that is non-stop, with pressure closing in on all sides. The need to be perfect hits us constantly, coupled with trying to be “Superwoman” with the perfect body, have the perfect looks, be the perfect mother, and the perfect business person. My inbox is full and my to-do list, even more full. Do you feel it, too?

We women are multi-taskers and in our multi-tasking, I fear we are letting life just swoop by until one day, there won’t be any time left. Let this following video from Sanctuary be a reminder that we need to stop for moment and Relax, Breathe, and #LetGo.

“If I had my time again, I wouldn’t create a to-do list. I’d create a to-don’t do list.”

2 thoughts on “You Need to Listen to This Important Message.

  1. I had an opportunity to sit and visit with Betty White, the actress. Not once while we were talking did I think about her age, I just felt grateful for meeting such a wonderful human being. Age does not matter when people do!

    Hanssie, I have run across you a few times on the internet, and every time I was greatly impressed with you as a person. You remind me a lot of myself, except that I am a guy. I doubt very much that you will every be an “old maid with fifty cats.” You will always be vital and interesting; you already are! You are beautiful both inside and out! You don’t have to do anything but be yourself.

    You inspire people; you inspire me! Thank you!!! Please keep it up! The world needs you!

    Warm regards and take care, good care,

    – John

    P.S. Please give your precious daughter a big hug! That is what life is all about.

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