Who Run The World? Girls. [Running Tips For Beginners]

As I write this, I just started training for my second half-marathon – my first destination race – the Marine Corps Marathon in Virginia. From a girl who hated to run only 18 months ago to a girl who still isn’t sure she likes it 1150+ miles later, running has become a part of me.

In addition to periodically writing here on my personal blog, you may know that I write for a living about photography and also for a little side project, a fitness magazine called, fitted magazine. These keep my fingers busy so I don’t get as much time to write for myself as I’d like to. Because of that and because I’ve been wanting to write about some of my running experiences here, I’ve compiled a list of my running articles so they can be found in one place for those of you that are fellow runners or maybe need some running advice.

If you have no interest in running, you can read my other fitness related articles here and photography related articles here.



General Running Articles

Articles on Running a Half-Marathon

Articles Running a Full Marathon


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