Resolutions. Bah! Humbug!

Every year in the first week of January, I grumble that my gym will be filled with “resolution-ers” for the next 2-4 weeks – the machines will be taken, and the parking lot will be overflowing. I always get annoyed at the influx because people make resolutions because they are discontent about something in their life and want to change it. That, in itself, is a super awesome thing, and I highly encourage always bettering yourself. But, after a few weeks, most of us toss out those promises we made and go back to the old way of life, forgetting about what we committed to do and end up spending the rest of the 11 months complaining about whatever it was we wanted to change. (I used to be very guilty of this myself until I decided to resolve to not resolve to do anything differently on January 1st).

Does that mean I haven’t made goals? No, I have. I do them when I have the desire to change. I made my last set of goals this previous October. I’m a big believer that change is now. Don’t set yourself up for failure just because it’s a new year and you feel like you should be changing something. If you feel the need to change something, do it – be it July 12th or November 29th. Create new habits because you want to, not because it’s the first day of a new year, everyone else is doing it, and you just realized that you ate your way through the last two months.

However, I try to live up to a theme for the year. 2012 was my year of adventures –saying yes to things I wouldn’t usually say yes to. 2013 will be the year of my business adventures. In addition to saying yes to life adventures, I will seek new opportunities to grow in my career by saying yes to things outside my comfort zone. And as always, my life goal is always to be growing and learning about myself (and sharing it with you here on the blog and, who knows, maybe elsewhere…)

Wishing everyone an excellent 2013. I’m excited to see what comes next…

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