Once a Photographer…Always a Photographer

My interest in photography began sometime in high school. I loved taking photos of my friends and I had a keychain film camera that I took with me everywhere I went. I remember waiting the agonizingly long 24 hours for Stater Bros. to pick up and drop off my film and racing to the store when the time came to grab the newly developed masterpieces.

I started my photography business a little over 8 years ago; starting out as many did back then, a mom with a camera learning how to take better photos of my then infant. Through the years, photography has taken me around the world on adventures and still remains a source of joy for me. I hung my camera up for a time after the divorce, still shooting here and there, but it was no longer a passion I was pursuing. Annually, I still do shoots – one or two weddings, a handful of portrait sessions, the random photo session here and there. I stopped blogging my sessions several years ago – choosing to transform my blog into my online journal through the journey of divorce. But today, I was reminded that photography is still a part of my life, my heart.

As an editor of an online photography magazine, I deal with photography still every single day, but there isn’t a place for me to update my work anymore. That’s going to change. I’ve added in a new category – The Photog Life. I’m not going through 8 years and 900 posts to republish all my old work, but I’ll post a few. And I will begin adding my recent work so that there is a place here where I can share this part of my life that hasn’t had an outlet for a while.

Do I still book weddings and portraits? Yes, I do. I don’t actively seek work, but it comes just when it seems I need to express myself with images and not words. So stay tuned for more in this section…

Here is a recent image from a trip to Miami where I was able to test out some new cameras from Sony. I’ll post more from this session soon. I promise. (For recent work, follow me on Instagram).

Sony-a6300-model-prism-1 copy


One thought on “Once a Photographer…Always a Photographer

  1. Your views are very impressive . I don’t hang around creative people , in fact , my wife is a loner , I live in the country ( I only meet people in stores ) , ( I usually make them laugh or smile ) . Hit moose with mini van , run over 1984 by car (shoe came off / scrape on ankle . DOUBLE LUNG TRANSPLANT Oct 5 2016 ( twin sister passed 2013 lung cancer 53 years old ) . Myself 61 no grey hair 5’3″ 120 lbs . 10 cameras with dedicated lens /don’t change lense / grab another camera ( 6D,17-40 ;A7r , 24-240 ; 7D,18-135 ; 7D , 70-300 ; 5300 , 17-50 (2.8); 11-16 (2.8) +cannon ; T5i+ 150-600….. and 16mm on a pany ; 200-600 mm eqv +oly m5 ( +2x in camera becomes400-1200 hand holdable //stabilized in camera + pany lense stabilized ) . Photo nature , birds , people , artistic , available light , macro . Did weddings with 35mm film ( Fuji film ) 1980s -2011 . Portfolios for interior decorators + artists (35mm film )

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