Pet Peeve: Poor Grammar (Online Dating Faux Pas)

Advice to men trying to impress a woman, especially in the online dating arena:

If a girl puts on her online profile that she a) thinks intelligence is extremely sexy b) has made it a personal mission to educate the world about the proper usage of YOU’RE/YOUR c) wants to be contacted by someone that can use proper grammar…

…then please don’t send messages like THIS ONE:

My response:
*You’re, *You’re, *You’re. And no thank you. (I’m not even gonna get started on the punctuation…)

Reason #368 for why I am still single…

File this under #NerdGirlProblems

P.S. I know that some people are better at math and terrible at English and blah blah, but still…if you want to impress a girl and she has ALREADY TOLD YOU SPECIFICALLY HOW TO IMPRESS HER, then make an effort to do so…I’m just sayin’ *END RANT*

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