IMG_9371Don’t get all crazy, I’m not talking about sex today.

For the longest time, I wished to have passion in my life. My days seemed dull, I had no excitement, not joy, no lust for life. I faked my way through because I thought that was what a “good Christian” did, and I was doing something wrong. I never had a name for it until one day, about halfway through our marriage, he told me that I lacked passion. And it was like a light bulb moment. Yes. I had no passion. So I set about trying to find it. And I failed.

Then one day, I was free and somewhere along the broken road, I got lost. And I found it.

The funny thing about passion though, is that even though it is touted as this great thing –a zeal, a zest for life, it also comes with the bad –craziness, out of control emotions, free falling.

And even though this passionate life sometimes feels like an out of control roller coaster a lot of the times, I would never ever trade the fervor, the intensity, the aliveness for the indifference of the old life ever again.

I pray today that you find passion. XOXO

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