Over It

I spent most of this weekend in recovery mode, amazed that I spent the entire summer last year out of town, playing, drinking, partying, and pool-ing, and could be coherent enough to work the following week.

Coming back from Vegas last weekend, I still hadn’t fully recovered and drove out to Scottsdale for a weekend of 117-degree sun. I ended up sleeping most of the weekend, trying to recover from even something as seemingly relaxing as floating down a lazy river.

On my drive home, as I tried to pry my eyes open, I could not even imagine my back to back to back to back weekends of the past. It seems that my weekends of partying it up are over. I am looking forward to detoxing, getting back to my regular gym routine, and sleeping.

I’ll share more pictures from the weekend after I sleep for another 20 hours or so.

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