Outshine The Darkness

Last weekend, I got to see and hang out with my childhood best friend when she came for a convention in Los Angeles. The 19-year separation had melted away instantly as we caught up with each others’ lives. We laughed and commiserated and danced and had a great time. At the end of the evening, she had her purse stolen. Filled with her wallet and all of her cash, credit cards, and I.D., as well as the key to her rental car. She basically had the clothes on her back as she had no way to get into her car with her belongings. Now, she is stuck in LA, as she cannot fly home, drive or even take a train without an I.D.

Heidi has always been resourceful. When we were in high school, she worked three jobs to help her family make ends meet, and then she started her life anew in a different state as a therapist and now a fitness instructor in her dream job. Because of this situation, she is starting a foundation to help other victims of theft and crimes.

This is her vision:

I am humbled and overwhelmed by the outpour of support. We can by far overpower and outshine the misgivings of those that have the misfortune to harbor the callous ill will and disregard that would enable them to harm another. Click on this link if you would like to help me recover the losses I am accruing and help me to get home. Any additional funds will be contributed to at-risk youth programs encouraging life lived in pursuit of art rather than a crime.

I am calling this the¬†OUTSHINE THE DARKNESS campaign and foundation-to-be, hoping to create an entity that will utilize resources for crime victims to access the support of their communities to recover and to further provide funding to charities that work toward crime prevention …totally outshine the darkness.

As you know, I was also stuck a few months ago trying to get home from NYC  due to the Hurricane, and the outpouring of support was humbling. People donated anywhere from $5-$250. And yes, every little bit DID count. Every donation not only helped us financially, obviously but the morale was lifted every time we saw a donation come in or get a comment on our Facebook account or an email of encouragement. Please consider donating, saying a little prayer, or sending good thoughts her way. Here is the LINK TO DONATE.

P.S. I definitely have learned that in my future travels, I will bring two forms of ID. Just in case.

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