On Man Hating and Women Empowerment

My friend always jokes all the time that the overall theme of my blog is “man hating and women empowerment.” At least, I hope he’s joking.

I make no qualms about this being an empowering platform for me personally, and if it empowers other people, women or men, I count that as a bonus. I’ve always been a very open person, but if you told me two years ago that I would essentially be opening my journal full of my innermost thoughts, fears, desires and feelings, I would’ve scoffed and hoped you were joking. My, how life changes you. If my daily musings have helped, encouraged, humored or empowered even one person, and then I am glad.

As for the man-hating part, I want to make clear that I don’t hate men. I just seem to come into contact with some of the more interesting ones. I won’t say that there isn’t a healthy dose of cynicism, though, especially in the dating world. This brave new world of the singles dance is not an event I was ever privy to, having latched onto my first boyfriend way back when I knew nothing about relationships or men. Not that I know much more now, that is.

So now that all that is cleared up, I hope you enjoy your weekend. Go find an adventure somewhere 🙂

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