On Budgets And Other Things That Give Me Hives

budget-penny-pinchingI have an illness. This illness prevents me from saving money. Yes, I have Shop-a-holic-itis. I love shopping. In my defense, my love language is gift giving. It just so happens that I love myself a lot and have to show myself by giving myself gifts.

I also used to use shopping as therapy. When I felt bad, I went shopping and then I felt better. Terrible, I know. And then one day, I lost the ability to use shopping as my safety blanket, and I started talking about going on a budget. That was eight years ago. Haha.

This weekend, with the pressuring, ahem, encouragement of my roommate, I sat down a made a budget.


I imported my accounts onto Mint.com’s free online program and came face to face with my spending habits. In my defense, I don’t do a ton of shopping anymore, but I do eat out a lot and spend a small fortune on Lord knows what at Target (show me one woman in America that doesn’t!), and my car costs a fortune…

And honestly, I MISS shopping. A LOT.

So, there seems to be no other route than to revisit Plan B…Sugar Daddy.

One thought on “On Budgets And Other Things That Give Me Hives

  1. I love mint, I’ve been using it for a few months now, I used to use eeba but the automatic transactions for mint keeps me much more accountable.

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