Obamacare. Someone Explain This to Me…

I don’t want to get political or anything…and don’t be scared, I’m not gonna.

Even at 36 years old, I feel like I shouldn’t be making “adult” decisions like car insurance, retirement planning and healthcare stuff. When I got divorced and realized I needed car insurance, I picked one based off of a recommendation, didn’t really bother with big words like liability and deductibles and sleep better at night knowing that I have insurance. I can’t really tell you what’s covered, but it’s not the bottom of the barrel or the top of the line. Just the comfy middle, I guess.

So, when this whole brouhaha called, “Obamacare,” started making the news, I just kinda, sorta, ignored it. Since I have health insurance through my day job, I figured I’ll look into it when I have free time.

I haven’t had “free time” in well over 6 years.

I was talking to an insurance guy today, and he gave me a general run down of Obamacare. I’m still totally confused. One day, I may no longer be at a job that provides benefits. And when that day comes I’ll need to figure out what Obamacare is. Today is not that day. So, I’m going to ignore it till it applies to me.

In the meantime, feel free to educate me (In the most basic, elementary, Cliff’s Notes version. Abridged for the 36-year-old. Thanks). And while you’re at it, please tell me what car insurance I should get.

I’m just gonna hang out with Kidlet at the beach and eat gelato. #noworries


3 thoughts on “Obamacare. Someone Explain This to Me…

  1. Extreme short and “intended” version.. it is a plan to create health care for all citizens by increasing the demand for health care coverage which theoretically would drive down the cost of health care with equal competition. Those to the right think it will lessen the quality of their insurance. Those to the left think it does not go far enough to create a fair system and the intended affects wont come. It goes deeper but thats a basic overview

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