With the onslaught of a new year comes the time typically for reflection, reminiscing, spending time with family and eating. As I get older–thirty-something this coming year –time seems to go by so much faster. I have a first grader, have been married ten years, have been in business for almost three years and did I mention on the slippery slope into the mid-thirties range???!! Someone, slow this ship down!

Looking back over the last 12 months, it has been a year of exciting opportunities, heartbreaks, hold your breath scary endeavors, dreams coming true, dreams not coming true, disappointments, joys, and even life-threatening experiences.

Things that happened in 2010:

1. I had the opportunity to speak 4 times to groups of photographers. I really dislike public speaking.

2. I was eBay-ed for a charity called Thirst Relief. I didn’t think I’d get more than a pity bid from my mom and one from my husband, but I was “sold” for $600. Wow. Totally humbled.

3. I was published in a few print magazines for my fashion work. Super excited to see my name in print.

4. I took over the OC SmugMug User Group as one of their co-leaders and I love it!

5. I shot amazing weddings with some of the best couples ever and fabulous locations.

6. I started homeschooling a first grader and I didn’t die.

7. We almost did die though on what was to be a relaxing river trip.

I would never have imagined what 2010 would bring and I have NO IDEA what 2011 is going to bring.

I started the year with a long list of goals. Mid-year, I pared it down to 3 goals and by the fall had accomplished them. Looking into 2011, my goals are simple.

But I have one BIG goal I REALLLY want to accomplish. I want to shoot a destination wedding in Hawaii (preferably on my favorite Island, Oahu). So if any future brides are reading this and want to get married in Hawaii, I’m your gal! All my fingers and toes are crossed and I’ve wished on every shooting star and birthday candle…
Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

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