New Year’s (non) Resolutions

I try to not make resolutions since I never seem to last through the day battling whatever ails I have chosen to forsake.

Lose 15lbs. Blog more often. Eat healthier. Exercise. Read so and so book. Go to bed earlier. Work less.

It seems that year after year people, ahem, namely, moi, set themselves up for failure. “A New Year, A New Me” seems to be the mantra of all.

So what happens after January 1st? January 31st?

The last few years I didn’t make any resolutions.
This year I made resolutions AND excuses.

Lose 15lbs – but I love the Dr. Pepper and pizza.
Blog more often – but I have nothing witty to say…
Eat healthier – but doesn’t ice cream have calcium in it?!
Exercise – but I don’t have an exercise buddy.
Read so and so book – but it’s boring.
Go to bed earlier – but I have this and this that HAVE TO get done.
Work Less – I wish.

I’ve failed all my resolutions and it’s January 3rd. Oops.

Hey, I never proclaimed to be a motivational blogger. If you wanted some encouragement about how I went to the gym for 6 hours every day so far, you’ve come to the wrong blog. I’m even going to rebel and NOT post a picture in this post. I know — WHAT has this world come to?!

I’m the non-resolute type. Maybe I’ll start a trend.
Non-Resolution #1: I’m not giving up Dr. Pepper…and you can’t make me.

17 thoughts on “New Year’s (non) Resolutions

  1. My none resolution is to continue to enjoy life, either continue doing what I do and love, and at the same time commit to be better without the pressure to change for the wrong reason(s). Great post homie 🙂

  2. Non-resolution: I will ot eat avocados or tomatos. Avocados look like boogers and tomatoes just don’t look done.. like larvae *shudder*

    (Hanssie you should get one of those little mini fridges you can plug into your cigarette lighter [why do I have no idea how to spell cigarette] … it can hold a six pack of dr. pepper with no mess of ice.)

    I also resolve to never use parenthetical brackets within a parentheses again.

  3. I was so worried about my cigarette spelling I forgot the “n” in not.

    I will NOT eat avocados or tomatoes *shudder again*

  4. I have a resolution to start smoking cigarettes and try to eat more fast food. I have not gotten around to starting, so I don’t really feel that bad! ha

  5. non resolution #1 – I wont stop saying the word Crap – it is too good and perfect for many moments.
    non resolution #2 – I wont stop fighting the grain of the photography world and its peassure against many honorable values.
    non resolution #3 – I wont stop the fact I want to get another tattoo even though it makes my mom cringe
    non resolution #4 – I wont stop my obsession with thrift shops
    non resolution #5 – I wont stop showing PDA with my hubby becasue it makes others uncomfortable! 🙂

    Wow…. I had more non resolutions then I thought!

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