My New “Glam Squad”

Last year, I had a glam squad. (Well, technically, they are still around, but I don’t see them as much).

The glam squad consisted of my hairdresser – the awesome and very talented Diego Ortega, a make-up artist – Jeanette Pulecio and stylist, Kaylee Sizemore.

Today, as I was getting poked by pins by my acupuncturist whom I see once a week, it hit me that I have a new “glam squad” of sorts. Comprised of my acupuncturist, my chiropractor and my energy therapist, all working together to make me glammed up. On the inside.

And damn, as much time and tools it takes to make me look presentable on the outside, the amount of time and tools on my part to fix up my brain and body is exponentially more difficult. Thirty-six years of poor habits and mental baggage to clean up is no joke. And yes, I did slouch for all 36 of those years–you were right Mom…

So, now comes the intensive work of my inner glam squad to clean up the mess. After all, the beauty on the outside is a direct reflection of the inside, correct?

Diego always lets me do random stuff to my hair. I’m seeing him Thursday. Let’s see what we come up with…(I’d post a pic of the needles that I get poked with, but the acupuncturist is always insisting on me relaxing…and she pokes my hands)

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