My Most Embarrassing Moment

Being Asian, I’m pretty much genetically predisposed to get good grades, play the violin/piano, love Hello Kitty products, and sing karaoke. (Note: I can’t play any instrument and I do not own one Hello Kitty product). So, at WPPI one year, when the MGM Grand shut down a party in our suite, a group of us decided to find the divey-est bar in Vegas and do some serious karaoke. (There is incriminating video evidence out there somewhere and hopefully, it remains hidden in the archives).

After an evening filled with “I Will Survive” and “Don’t Stop Believin'” and other karaoke classics, we piled into a cab, still belting out songs which I am sure the taxi driver enjoyed. I, being the only one who wasn’t quite inebriated (this was before I drank alcohol), was only mildly embarrassed as I laughingly sang along.

My hotel was the first dropoff and as I said goodbye to my friends, I swung my purple boots with no heel (This was also pre-stiletto days) out of the cab, tugged up my strapless top and closed the cab door. Before I knew it, I tripped over the slight curb and that sent me sprawling face-first onto the oncoming lane of traffic.

Standing up as gracefully as I could manage with my top somewhere around the vicinity of my waist, I smiled at the people waiting in the taxi line and did the best I could to cover all that needed to be covered and head held high walked through the lobby of the hotel much to the laughter of my friends.

To those people in the taxi line that got a free Vegas show, you’re welcome.

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