My “Magical To Do List”

So, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that I love lists. Well, the type A side of me does and needs them to function. Not only am I always making them, but I am always making them in various forms…like on post-its. Or a yellow legal pad. Or my Google calendar. Or a random scrap of paper I found on the floor. Or the back of an envelope. Or the back of my hand. Or my new to-do app on the phone. Or on my white board. Or most currently, on Google tasks.

It’s just that I have a few jobs that I’d like compartmentalized and so I need to have different places for the different things…and if I don’t write it down, I get overwhelmed. Go figure.

Anyway, imagine my DELIGHT when for Day 18 of my 28 Days of Gratitude, the task was to make a to do list! I was to make a list of the most important things or problems that I need done or solved, imagine that they are done and be grateful for them. Since one of the things on my Magic To Do list is to be more inspired to write, I figured, why not kill two birds with one stone and blog about some of the items on my Magic To Do List.

Sprinkles is ALWAYS on the to do list

Sprinkles is ALWAYS on the to do list

Magic To-Do List (abridged)

1. Tires – So owning a kick ass car is freaking expensive. And now that it’s two years old and I’ve put over 50k miles on it (I KNOW!), Bumblebee needs new tires and apparently tires that transforms are expensive. Way, way, way expensive. I need a friend who sells tires, $1500 or a sugar daddy. Or all three.

2. Chiropractor – I LOVE my chiropractor. In fact, if it weren’t weird or frowned up, I’d move into his office and be his pet. And I had to switch my health insurance in July and he’s not in my network. Now I have to figure out a way to keep my weekly habit without paying for the full price office visit. I need supplemental insurance, an extra $300 a month or a sugar daddy. Or all three. (I sense a theme here…)

3. Time and Inspiration – I’ve been struggling with keeping up with homeschooling and work and life (see yesterday’s post). I’m under deadline to write at least 2 articles for SLR Lounge each week, plus my commitment to blog here daily and it’s difficult to find inspiration when I am running around every day (I’ve put 50k on my car in the last two years remember? And about to put 800 more on it the next 10 days — which adds up to about 14 hours driving). I need to learn how to teleport, or get a sugar daddy (haha, just kidding).

There’s like 20 more things on the immediate Magic To Do List, but I guess I should just focus on a few right now before I get too overwhelmed with gratitude. And besides I have to go write some articles. Or find a sugar daddy. whichever comes first.

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