my life: the first day of school

They all looked funny to me. Light hair, blue eyes, weird clothes. They stared. I stared back. Someone spoke to me, a tall pretty lady who looked like me. My four, almost five-year-old self sighed in relief, which was short-lived when I realized that the words she spoke had no meaning to me. Thus, the beginning of my school career. A little Chinese girl who didn’t speak English in an all American school.

Other than that the only other thing I remember about being in Kindergarten was fighting with some girl who found a spider in MY cubby and claimed it as hers. I pulled her hair and got a time out. How times have changed. Upon seeing any creepy crawly creature now, I’d most likely push someone at it to distract the offensive bug and run the other way, screaming like a girl.

And now here I am, 27 years later, and it’s my daughter’s first day of school. We aren’t sending her anywhere as she is being homeschooled, but still. It’s momentous.

Someone (who didn’t know my profession) said, take lots of pictures. Ha.

This was after staying up from 1 am – 5 am vomiting every 15 minutes. She looks pretty cute still…

6 thoughts on “my life: the first day of school

  1. Yay for Mac! She is going to learn so much and it will be exciting to see and hear all about this journey. Enjoy this time with her Hanssie!

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