my life: happy mother’s day (1 day late)

I settle into my soft, down-comforted bed in the blissful tranquility of my hotel room. I breathe in my new white green tea smelling shampooed hair, courtesy of the Westin Hotel in San Diego after a LONG shower with a double shower head – with not a thought toward droughts nor water usage. Slowly, I drift off to sleep after a long successful wedding, knowing that I am not bound by the constraints of alarm clocks, 4-year-old wake-up time, cranky meowing cat’s that want to be fed, nor any other thing that may disturb my beauty rest.

And so began my Mother’s Day. Work kept me away from my family, but it was relaxing and quite enjoyable anyway. I spent the day with my good friend Alice Hu, shopping, complaining about how sore we were after the Saturday weddings, eating, shooting and eating some more. I came home to fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies and all the laundry done…and 3500+ photos to edit!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there and to my Mama, who is on a little getaway to China with my Daddy. Here’s a picture of my girl, who just promised that she’d make her bed, water the plants, and eat her food all “to make me happy.”

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