my life: life accessories

My 4 year old frequently puts on every piece of jewelry she owns, a hat, some leopard print gloves, and no less than 2 hair clips before she is ready to go. Accessories enhance any outfit, a simple scarf or some delicate earrings or every piece of jewelry you own… I read somewhere about a life coach that coined the term “life accessories.” That is the small simple things that enhance our lives.  I encourage you to take note of your “life accessories” today, stop a moment and enjoy them!

I am so thankful for all the little accessories that adorn my life. Make sure your life is always accessorized!

Some of my life accessories:

~Mac climbing into bed every morning demanding that I “make her breakfast!”

~Lipgloss in any shape or form

~Starbucks Grande Iced Teas with 6 shots of sugar

~Listening to rain while cuddled in bed with a good book

~Getting the mail and having it be free of bills and full of magazines and letters from old friends

~Chipotle Hummus and Naan

~Listening to Mackenzie recite Bible verse, “Faith without works is looseless…”

4 thoughts on “my life: life accessories

  1. Love this!!! Such a breath of fresh air to take in life’s accessories, made me stop and think of all the accessories my hubby and four chidren bring to me on a daily basis. Thanks for the smiles 🙂

  2. Try Marley and Me. I don’t know how you feel about dogs… I am a dog person, and when the dog first stumbled, I didn’t stand a cbance. I try to hide when I cry at things like that because everyone laughs at me… sigh….

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