My Girlie Girl

I am not sure if she likes to be in front of the camera or behind the camera more! This is Mackenzie in one of her Sunday School dresses. Every morning she will ask me, “What are we wearing today?” And if I say, “a dress,” cheers erupt and invariably there will be jumping up and down and clapping of hands. She always wants her nails painted, asked for over a year if she could get “pretty ears” (earrings — which we did last year), and continues to ask if she could “point her eyes” like Mama (translation: make-up). Oh and she loves to shop…wonder where she gets that from?

One thought on “My Girlie Girl

  1. Ol’ Grampa is smitten with the Princess…will she walk with me like last year to get my BCC (if I’m to get my BCC!!!)…need to wear a tie this time….

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