My Foot-Shaped Mouth

I’ve always been apt to say what I am thinking. Stuff just pops out of my mouth and if it’s inappropriate, I can usually gauge it by the hearer’s agape mouth and look of disbelief. Oops. Open mouth, insert foot. Back peddle and/or offer an apology.

Then somewhere along the way, I lost even that filter and just said whatever came to my mind, foot taste and all. It was around the time I stopped getting offended by stuff. My journey toward middle-agedness if you will. Someday soon, I’ll be THAT relative, the one that has 20 cats, pink hair and just spouts off random tidbits at dinner. (Like that Grandma on the Wedding Crashers).

The other day I almost added, “That’s What She Said” (a reference to the TV Show, The Office) to an email a prospective client. I told her after she booked me and she thought it was hilarious. (I love my brides! Nina, you rock!) I told my husband the other day that he looked like a hospital patient in the outfit he had on (he recently lost 35lbs).  A parent asked me why I homeschooled and I told her I’d rather my child be socially awkward than interact with some of the brats I’d encountered in traditional school. She was duly offended.  I guess I figure honesty is the best policy right?

My mom told me after seeing a  picture of me, that it was obvious that the picture was taken recently because I didn’t have as many chins as before. So, it’s probably in my DNA to say cringe-worthy statements.

I hope you have a happy hump day. Darn, was that offensive? Sigh, never mind.

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