Ms. Susie Homemaker

petting-zooToday, I dug my hands deep into the dirt and pulled out vegetables. Then I used those vegetables and made a healthy, delicious home cooked meal.

Stop laughing.

No, seriously.

I have never felt more like Susie Homemaker than I did today. All that was missing was 4 loads of laundry (and I would’ve done those but I was on deadline for a few SLR Lounge articles). I woke up early –way too early since I blurrily fell into bed at about 2 am after getting home from F*ing Scottsdale (see post below). I picked up the Kidlet and we went to the Pumpkin Patch and Farm, where for the second time in ten days, I found myself surrounded by stinky sheep and goats trying to eat my phone and snorting all over me. I rode on a tractor and then, I found myself pulling carrots from the ground and cutting pumpkin umbilical cords with my house key.

Then I went grocery shopping and spent the rest of the day immersed in the study of crustaceans, multiplication by multi-digit numbers, and making dinner.  In the kitchen. On the stove. With the Kidlet washing her veggie pickings and me chopping and using spices and stuff, I actually whipped up a pretty decent dinner. It was scarily normal, and I kind of enjoyed it. (I left out the $400 Canon service visit and the rush to answer a bazillion emails –neither of which were pleasant). Next thing you know, I’m going to plant my own garden and start wearing aprons.

Oh God. I’m becoming domesticated…

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