Meet Goliath

If you thought this post was going to be about anything but my new Dog Baby, well you would be wrong.

I picked up Goliath from the Mission Viejo Animal Shelter Friday (which is an awesome shelter. If I were a stray, it would be good karma if I ended up here). It was raining of course, and as I walked in, I overheard the receptionist on the phone with someone asking about adopting Goliath! Well, sorry buddy, he’s MINE.

Goliath looks like Clifford, but not red. And he weighs about 86lbs, which the vet says is underweight. so, imagine an 86lb big black dog trying to curl up in the front seat of my Camaro. Yeah. It was comical. And he smelled of unbathed, wet dog. So, through Friday traffic, he endured the 405 freeway and went straight to the groomers. But before doing so, in his nervousness, he vomited all over the front seat of my car. Fantastic.

I finally get the big lug, who now smells amazing, by the way, back to my house and for the rest of the weekend, he followed me around nervously, like I was going to leave him at any minute. (Goliath was abandoned by someone, who actually, taught him some commands and potty trained him).

So far, besides vomiting again, he’s been pretty perfect – sleeping through the night, not barking at all and fulfilling my need to feel needed, thanks to his co-dependency. He’s also pretty darn cute and smart, too. And that’s not just the proud new dog mommy in me saying that. Of course, now the search for a new house begins. Would appreciate any and all positive vibes for the perfect house sent my way!

(And yes, I know, I still have Good News #3 to share. Soon.)

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