Me vs. Nature

This time last year, I was slipping on my stilettos, rubbing on the lip gloss and teasing my hair, ready to party it up under the neon lights of Vegas, for the 7th time that year.

This weekend, one year later, I found myself trekking down ravines, trying not to be eaten alive by bugs or bears, avoiding snakes, and looking for wood suitable to build a fire.

What the f*** happened??!

(In my defense, in both situations, I had a vodka soda in my hand. Some things will never change ;))

Last week, my roommate rented a car and instead of the compact car he asked for, they gave him a Jeep Grand Cherokee. He jokingly suggested that we go camping in it. And we did. And I didn’t die. Although the lack of reception up in the mountains was probably the biggest challenge, aside from the peeing in the woods in the middle of the night part. But, I had a good time, and I think I may go again sometime soon.

Score stands at: Nature-0, Hanssie – 1

Yep. We’re pretty badass.

I was pretty impressed with the fire starting abilities of my roommate. We then made chicken, sweet potatoes and rice in foil packets. And of course, s’mores. No food pictures as I ate them too quickly.

Sleeping in the back of a car is not fun. But sleeping under millions of stars almost made it worth it. Almost.

The next morning, we went hiking.

We went camping at Barton Flats at a great little site called Heart Bar Campground. Super nice camp host. I highly recommend it.

One thought on “Me vs. Nature

  1. While I love nature.. I am done with camping unless it’s in an RV! In fact, I’d choose Vegas, are there size 12 stilettos? 🙂 Ha, ha!

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