Marriage Isn’t For You

I sat down to start writing about one thing or another for today’s blog and as usual, I did a quick Facebook check and saw a post that was rapidly going viral. So I clicked it.

And I realized that if someone told this to the 20-year-old me and my then boyfriend, now ex-husband, things might have worked out a little differently.

Everyone should read THIS BLOG POST from Seth Adam Smith. If you’re single, married, engaged, etc. I don’t even know who Seth Adam Smith is, but whoever he is, the wisdom in this article is advice everyone should remember and apply.

One thought on “Marriage Isn’t For You

  1. So often marriage is about what each partner can exact from the other that they can not necessarily exact from themselves, but then there too comes a time when if both parties are willing to listen to each other and agree to carry each other’s burdens, aspirations and struggles that love can move forward.

    The question then might be at what point do we as partners lose sight of our partners needs and make our own paramount? A question each partner from time to time come to wonder about the other…

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