Mao: Our Cat-Dog

Yes, seriously. I am blogging about my cat. I have become THAT person.

First of all, I am allergic to cats…runny nose, itchy eyes, hives and sneezes…so I never really liked cats. When we moved, this skinny little stray kept coming around to talk to us and one thing led to another and now we have a cat. She had a traumatic experience where she lost her babies, got sick and depressed and now she thinks she’s a house cat. AND she is pregnant again, yes, before we could get her to her spay appointment…grr…

Anyway, Mao (which is Chinese for “cat,” creative, aren’t we?) is more like a dog. She wants to be cuddled, rocked to sleep, and scratches at the door to get in and out. She also is potty trained, drinks from the pool, loves, LOVES sugary snacks and wants to be around people. She sleeps at our doors and guard them for us and “talks” a mile a minute – takes after the Trainor side of the family.

And she will soon be a Mama…anyone want kittens?

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