I love keeping up with my clients on Facebook. Since I started this business 3 (or is it 4?) years ago, I’ve had to pleasure of seeing so many of my brides and grooms start families! It’s so fun to see the baby photos. Happy Mother’s Day to all my clients and especially to the ones with the new little kidlets!

This year, I am sad that I won’t be able to spend Mother’s Day with my Mama (she’s traveling to China) and I won’t be with my own little Kidlet (She’s informed me that we are celebrating Monday). But, as someone wise told me, “Every day is Mother’s Day.” That is true and I hope people adhere to that. 🙂

As with many lucky and blessed people, my Mama was a huge and awesome influence in my life. She’s a strong, motivated, beautiful woman who is stylish and hip and always knows what to do in every situation. I’ve only seen my Mama cry twice –once when my Grandma died and once when her beloved dog died. She has challenged me to be the best, do the best and do good. I love you, Mama.

Almost 8 years ago, when I had my own daughter, I remember praying that I wouldn’t mess up motherhood and screw up this precious Kidlet that had been entrusted to me. It’s been a journey. Sometimes difficult, mostly easy and definitely rewarding. I definitely feel the Mommy guilt, especially when I am impatient or short with her and if I don’t have the time to spend with her like I want to. Being a single Mommy is hard and I still pray every day I don’t mess it up. (Feel free to impart wisdom and advice…)

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