Love At First Sight

So, while I am still trying to figure out what to do when I grow up, I’m reading, freelancing, and enjoying life. But on my road to finding “THE PURPOSE,” I’ve decided just to start doing stuff. Whatever things I feel like doing (I don’t really have many hobbies, besides shopping, and shopping is not in the PURPOSE budget).

So first up. Volunteering.

I’ve always volunteered for stuff. Book festivals, Bible studies, nine different clubs in high school (though that was just to get into the yearbook a few dozen times). But I do love helping people, and I love volunteering. So, I am now on the planning committee for Bark for Life OC – it’s a little branch off of the American Cancer Society’s Walk for Life, but with dogs.

In my free time, I’ve also begun scouring apps like PetFinder and the Tinder-esque app, BarkBuddy. There are so many dogs that need homes, and I totally have room for another. Then one day, I stumbled on THE ONE.

Not to be mistaken for THEE ONE, but the furry ONE. Just like with my big lug, Goliath, I just knew. I was looking for a larger dog to be Goliath’s playmate, a male, maybe 2-3 years old…and SHE is a two-month-old baby girl, with one eye. She is also blind. It was love at first sight.

And I mean, the obsessive, look at her picture, save it onto my desktop background, change the lock screen on my phone type LOVE.

And then I met her. And she is perfect. And I’ve committed forever.


She’s going to need lots of dedicated training and attention. And guess what? I’ve got lots of time. So, while I’m trying to figure out my life PURPOSE, I’m doing stuff, and I feel like I’m fulfilling it.

A little more about her:

She has no name yet. They named her Raye at Love Leo Rescue where they have her, but we think we are going to rename her.

She is 2.5-3 months old and around 15lbs with this big Buddha belly and begs you to blow raspberries on it.

They found her with her eyeball popped out, and it had to be removed. She is blind in the other eye. The vet thinks it was blunt force trauma that caused her injury.

She’s a feisty little one who is going to love Goliath!

Barring a home check, she will be in my arms Monday. And it’s a guarantee that there will be thousands of photos of her on my Facebook and Instagram.


2 thoughts on “Love At First Sight

  1. Haha 9 clubs just to get in the yearbook more… As i recall i joined the asian club with you so i could get in another pic!!!

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