Logic vs. Emotion

I am an emotional person. I get teary-eyed at car commercials; I regularly fall in love with characters from books, and I am terrible at math (I blame this on my aversion to logic). I tend to think with my heart and not with my head. And that always gets me in trouble.

I know all men think that women are too emotional and not logical enough. Whatever. I’m okay with it. Not the point of this post.

So, being an emotional person, when I argue, I argue emotionally. I’ve always had a way with the written word, so I can shoot out well-placed barbs that make my opponent look foolish. When I get very, very angry, I have a tendency to burst into tears and fire back on all cylinders with emotionally charged words.

My ex was very logical and emotional at the same time, and so arguing with him would be doubly frustrating to the point where I just was irrational. I hated being that way. Toward the end of the marriage, I just stopped arguing with him altogether. I would just walk away or become silent. It wasn’t worth it to me anymore to spend that energy.

Now, am learning the fine art of arguing with lessons from my roommate, Mr. Logical. He’s teaching me to go into it as if I was a general in battle and logically winning each battle with the big picture of winning the war in mind. His method is effective. When I tried it out, I did win the battle in a very logical, unemotional way. And it was unsatisfying. I really, really wanted to defend my pride, and spew out venomous and strategically placed cutting words. There was no drama in it, and apparently, I am addicted to drama. (See the post from a few weeks back…)

In almost all my decisions, I follow my heart almost 100% of the time, even when my brain is screaming at me to stop. So, I guess learning a bit of logic will be good for me – less drama would be a nice thing. Unless that means I have to do more math, then bring on the drama.

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