Letting Myself Go

I’ve been so busy the last six weeks, I’ve basically gone one of two spectrums in regards to eating. Either I don’t eat at all or I’m eating whatever my little fat kid heart desires. Oh, and I’ve stopped working out consistently.

Oh God, I’ve let myself go.

Just for a little while. I guess until I can find my balance again.

I was texting my trainer (my totally ripped, body building competitor trainer, that is) and lamenting about becoming “squishy.” She said, “It’s winter.”

So, I am using that as an excuse from now on.

Should I go to the gym today? Nah, it’s winter.

Should I eat a salad? Nah, grab those french fries, it’s winter.

Why doesn’t my dress fit? It’s winter.

And I WILL NOT think about spring…not yet. Because, it’s winter 😉

This bird stared me down trying to get my french fries. I protected them like a true fat kid should.

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