Last Minute Adventures

After a day of random, impromptu adventures through Downtown Los Angeles, the Roommate and I are sitting at a bar in Venice, talking about life, love and dreaming big dreams. It’s 11:25 pm or so on Monday night and he’s mocking me for something — a common occurrence when he turns and looks at me.

Brandon: What are you doing tomorrow?

Me: Um, just going to do some organizing for a project, the gym…

Brandon: I want to go to Vegas!

Me: (wistfully) Yeah, me too.

Brandon: Let’s go!

Me: Okay!

So, now it’s Tuesday afternoon…and we’re driving to Vegas.

Another adventure awaits…

One thought on “Last Minute Adventures

  1. Ok for starters I am extremely jealous and secondly I am extremely jealous!

    No seriously though I love Vegas so much and even though I have a million amazing places a short plane ride away from me now, none of them have the allure of a spontaneous Vegas trip!

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