Just Dance

I’ve always had a good time at the clubs and pools at the Wynn and Encore hotels. While at XS this weekend, it was no different. As we were dancing and having an awesome time the other night, I look over at a man, probably about 55 years old, wearing Dockers and a light denim shirt, shaking his booty off (for lack of a better term) on the ledge of his table. He was drawing the attention of the crowd as he was breaking it down, unabashedly, just having a great time. He wasn’t being creepy, wasn’t leering at any of the nubile young blondes hovering like sharks trying to score a free drink at one of the tables, in fact, I think his wife was there. He didn’t have a drink in his hand, he just was dancing and enjoying the music. He didn’t care who was watching him.

Later in the evening, he happened to walk by our group, and we all had to stop him and high five him. He just smiled and said that one thing he learned in his life was that he needed to always enjoy himself because life was good.

Indeed. Life is good. Enjoy and dance like no one is watching 🙂

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