jay-jays and shamu tattoos

She was one years old and I needed the video babysitter for 20 minutes. Since that day 3 years ago, all airplanes, helicopters, jets and generally flying things are referred to as “Jay Jay’s.” (For those of you w/o children, it’s a cartoon, “Jay Jay the Jet Plane.”

Last October, my husband took us to the Miramar Air Show. (Now for anyone who knows me, or has spoken to me for 3 minutes or so, can probably figure out that airshows aren’t really my thing, but I really enjoyed myself. It’s loud and has fair type food…I’m sold!) Anyway, the most memorable thing for my 2-year-old was that she got a tattoo from the Sea World booth. She pretty much talked about it all year long.

So, this year, when we told her that we were going to the airshow, she could not contain her excitement about the jay jays that “made rainbows” how does she remember these things??) and getting another Shamu tattoo. Sadly, when we got to the Sea World booth, they were out of tattoos, but we enjoyed the show anyway. She did get an American flag tattoo from the Girl Scout booth, to which she proudly proclaimed that she would not be taking baths anymore so that the tattoo will stay on forever. Terrific.


It’s a Shamu VW bug with a tail and fins…

11 thoughts on “jay-jays and shamu tattoos

  1. I am with you on air shows, but having also been to Mirmar, I changed my tune. It is very cool. Love the Blue Angels

  2. I LOVE it! Taking baths are over rated! 😉
    …but im not sure how they got my car for the show (j/k).

  3. i’m glad you explained the jay jay’s cause i have no clue about kiddie cartoons.

    i love anything related to planes…..i would have loved to photograph the air show!

    your pictures are spectacular~

  4. awww yeah! rock it Hannsie fo serious! your blog is kickin! we should hang out and shoot soon?????

    much love, molly

  5. hanssie those blue angels shots are AMAZING!! love love love going to the airshow! bummer about the shamu tattoo 🙁

  6. your images are so freakin’ awesome. I love love love love the 1st and 2nd one. Great job Hanssie. //enoch

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