Introducing “The Guest List”

Writing isn’t really one of my favorite subjects. I do it when I have to (i.e. 3x a week for this blog and the first few days of this year, when I picked up my journal, dusted it off and figured maybe I should try to finish it out, seeing that I began writing in it 5 years ago. That didn’t last long if you are wondering).

Wait, let’s back up a bit. Thirty-plus years ago, I was born a princess. At least I think I was, there was a mix up somewhere and now, I’m just waiting for someone to figure out the mistake and come knocking on my door to fit me for my tiara and ball gown. One of the things in my royal blood is the lack of motivation to do stuff. You see, Internet, I like to delegate. (Some people call it “being bossy,” but I prefer to see it as a leadership trait).

Anyway, I got a brilliant idea to delegate some of the blogging to other people and I’m sure people are getting sick of reading what I have to say, so I’d like to introduce, “The Guest List.” Every few weeks, I will invite a special guest to write a blog post on all types of topics about all aspects of weddings, photography and random interesting stuff from people I know, love and/or admire. I have a few past brides and grooms that are working on blog posts, I have a few great vendor friends I am going to hit up and well, I’m open to other ideas. So begins a new series of guest posts. I am happy to introduce my very first guest blogger…Mackenzie Trainor! Okay, so yes, she is a 6-year-old and my kidlet.

Remember at the beginning of this blog post when I said I don’t really like writing? Well, neither does Mackenzie–and I dislike teaching writing even more. Getting her to write in her journal brings about moans, groans, and tears (and that’s just from me)! So, if you’ve ever done homework with a child (or homeschooled) you have to think outside the box to motivate the student once the threats and bribes stop working. So, I promised Mackenzie yesterday that she could pick one of the photos she took and type out her journal entry today —“kind of like how Mama blogs” (LIGHT BULB!). After spending an hour typing it out, she eagerly asked me if it was good enough for my blog…and how could I say no. It’s brilliant.

my friend,s and famly and me on new years eve

by Guest List Blogger Mackenzie Trainor

I played webkinz  at thair house.

We bang pots and pans.

We played games.

We had fun.

New years eve is cool.

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