International Woman Of Mystery

Have you seen the movie Hitch? It’s the one where Will Smith plays a “dating doctor” and gives men advice on how to get the girl.

Well, in the course of this journey, I’ve picked up my very own Hitch. I call him, tell him my dating dilemmas and he guides me through what to say, what to wear, what to do, what the guy is thinking based on what he said, etc. It’s all quite fascinating really and a little pathetic on my part, I guess.

So recently, I called him up and asked him why guys were so fickle. I didn’t seem to have any problems attracting a man’s attention but keeping him interested seemed to be difficult. And the drop off would be really random and sudden like one day he would be into me and then the next day he literally would fall off the face of the earth.

He listened as I gave him details of my situation and he asked me some questions. After a few minutes, he responds with, “He either has found another option (Don’t get me started on the options rant again!) or you need to be more mysterious. Guys like a girl that keep them guessing a bit.”

So, let me get this straight. It’s not enough for a woman to be attractive, be able to hold an intelligent conversation, be fun, have a sense of humor, be confident, honest, smart, financially independent, and talented. She ALSO has to be mysterious.

Excuse my language, but eff that. If a man loses interest in me because I’m not “mysterious” enough, he isn’t worth my effort, energy, or time.

And to that, my Hitch replied, “You never listen. This is why you are still single.”

So, I have to be a listener TOO??! FML.

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