I Heart Drama

I’ve always, always, always said, “I don’t *do* drama. I hate it.” And I sincerely believed it.

Then I began to notice that the girls that always said, “I hate drama,” always seemed to be surrounded by drama and were usually the girls who had the most drama. (This is why I have mainly guy friends. I can’t handle drama). But not me, I told myself. I don’t *do* drama. Yet, it seemed that my life was filled with it constantly. So much so that when my best friend and I get together, I call her “Intrigue,” and she calls me “Drama,” as the stories we seem to share are surrounded by intrigue (hers) and drama (mine).

A few days ago, I was forced to admit that I am a drama seeker. As much as I HATE to say it, somehow, I attract drama. And it was a bitter pill to swallow. The book I am reading called “Mr. Unavailable, and the Fallback Girl” by Natalie Lue listed the reasons why my relationships are always drama filled and unhealthy. And she was right. Here’s her blog post on Relationship/Drama Crack.

So apparently, I am drawn to drama, which is why I tend to run from healthy relationships and toward unhealthy ones. Awesome. Time to turn over a new leaf. Unless someone wants to put me on my own reality show…in which case, bring on the drama.



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