I Fart Rainbows (and Other Compliments I Received Yesterday)

I’ve been a writer at SLR Lounge now for a few weeks and one of my favorite things to not do is read the comments that people leave about my articles. I wrote about this just the other day (Monday’s post maybe?)

Yesterday, I posted an article giving tips on subtle ways you could promote your photography brand. And woke up to the nicest man showering me with compliments:

1. I’m the best worst article he’s ever read about photography. And you all know I LOVE to be the best!

2. I fart rainbows! Wow. Isn’t that awesome? Who doesn’t love a rainbow?

3. I DO just say sh*t all the time, not when I’m farting rainbows, though. That gets messy.

4. Yep. I love photography, and I love to have fun and be creative and passionate when I am working. I try to avoid the serious side of most all things anyway, and when it comes to my profession, I try to be happy and grateful that I am allowed such an awesome craft to earn a living with. The only time I really have to consider the “serious” side of photography is on April 15th when I’m facing my accountant and trying to figure out small business taxes. That is pretty serious.

Look, I have pretty thick skin. Someone spouting off their opinion doesn’t offend me. I sound off all the time with my opinions about everything, so why shouldn’t other people? In fact, the world would probably be a better place if more people spoke what they were really feeling and thinking…respectfully, that is.

What annoys me is the manner in which, not just this man, but countless others (and not just in my articles) in which they do so. In real life, face to face, when is it okay to speak to someone in a rude, petty, or mean way? Why is it okay to do so via social media?

I’ve used Mr. Rainbows as an example, but every day I read comments left by people that give no thought to the fact that there is an ACTUAL PERSON with feelings behind posts. My boss gave me permission to start responding to these people. Yippee! Don’t expect too much drama though, I am pretty good at respectfully snarky responses.

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