I Dreamed A Dream

My dream up until I graduated high school was to be a killer whale trainer at Sea World. (Random and kind of geeky, I know). I decided the best way to do this was to study marine biology at the University of California, San Diego, and get a job working at Sea World. I had posters of Shamu on my walls, and shelves of books about marine mammals, and even in art class, my pictures were sea life centered.

Then, I didn’t get accepted at UCSD. Apparently, they don’t take Asians with a 4.0 GPA, that was involved in 10 campus clubs but had a low SAT score. And so then, I was at a loss. I gave up that dream and ended up getting a religion degree (since I had nothing else I really wanted to do) and then going back to get my credential. My dream changed to marrying my boyfriend.

Well, that dream didn’t work out either.

So, now, I am on the path to figuring out what my new dream is. And after searching and searching, I still really cannot pinpoint it. I know that I love marketing and I love where I am now (working in Public Relations in the photography industry) and I know that I have three targets that I am aiming for that define the general themes I strive for in my life. I know that I want to find love and happiness and probably, eventually want to get married again someday…maybe. But a dream? I’m not sure I have a specific one.

And I guess that’s okay, isn’t it?

One thought on “I Dreamed A Dream

  1. Girl, I love that we are going through so much of the same.

    Someone asked me yesterday what I wanted to do (career-wise) and I hated the question because I just don’t know. 🙁

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