How Was Your Day?

My glamorous life yesterday:

4:30 am – being woken up by the Kidlet because she had a bloody nose. Couldn’t go back to sleep.

6:00 am – reading the news for potential future articles.

7:30 am – out the door to drive 40 miles to a day of appointments for the day job.

7:00 pm – walking in the door with an under the weather Kidlet.

7:30 pm – trying to find a place that delivers soup as per Kidlet’s request.

8:00 pm – scrubbing the carpets after Kidlet throws up all the soup that was delivered.

8:30 pm – cleaning up more throw up, doing laundry

11:31 pm – trying to finish up all tasks and work responsibilities for the day

11:45pm – blog. Can’t get stupid image to post. Give up.

12:00 am – looking through the day’s new for more potential articles

12:40 am – fall into bed

As the 80’s commercial says, “CALGON, take me away!”


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