How To Handle Your Ex Getting Remarried

It’s bound to happen. Some day, your ex will remarry, and when that day happens, you may feel a surge of random emotions. That day for me was last Monday. While scrolling through my Instagram, I saw a series of pictures my daughter had posted of my ex-husband and his current girlfriend at City Hall exchanging rings. It was weird. And weird is still the only appropriate word I can come up with. It was shocking, of course, because it was sudden, they had been together only a short time, and he had told my daughter he would never get married again. Weird.

Trying to figure out how I feel about it is actually more difficult than I thought it would be. A few things I know to be true:

  1. I’m totally over him, so I didn’t feel sad in any way
  2. My first concern was for my daughter now that she has a stepmother
  3. I’m not in any rush to marry myself, but I feel like I’ve lost a competition I didn’t know I was a part of
  4. It’s over, it’s been over, and I’m glad it’s over
  5. Why do I even care?


As I have been pondering his surprise nuptials, here are seven things I’ve realized.

1. It’s Okay To Feel Weird About It

Yes, it’s weird. It’s been 4.5 years since I walked out, never looking back and not one second of regret in my decision. But seeing your ex putting a ring on someone else’s finger comes with a feeling that’s difficult to put into words. I don’t have feelings for him (other than negative ones, I suppose), but I do have a feeling of loss. It’s a loss similar to the loss you feel right after the divorce, when you are sad that the ideal is completely gone. As a child, you have a picture in your head of what marriage and love should look like. When that fairy tale-esque picture is shattered, you feel like you’ve lost your innocence. The weirdness comes when your ex remarries and you realize that the ideal you held when you got married to your ex, really is gone forever.

2. Remember That It’s Not A Competition

I’m an extremely competitive person. I like to win, and when I found out my ex got remarried, I felt like I lost, like we were competing against each other for something. As mentioned above, I am not in any hurry to get married and still am not. But it feels like, with him getting to the alter first, he ultimately won in the divorce. (Which is as ridiculous as it sounds, but nonetheless the feeling is there). I had to remind myself that it isn’t a competition, and the “prize” isn’t anything I want.

3. Avoid Feelings of Resentment

A feeling that I had to immediately squash was feeling resentful that I worked hard to make our marriage work and worked hard to “get him” to be faithful, and now some other woman is going to reap those benefits. (I didn’t say all these feelings made any sense, mind you). Resentment just leads to bitterness which all just holds you back from moving onto much better things in your life!

4. Avoid Negative Thoughts

This one I have much more of a struggle with. I tend to think negatively so my first reactions  when I found out were, “good luck and good riddance.” I think part of me wants to hold on to whatever dignity I have left after the marriage and after his actions destroyed my self-esteem. A part of me feels like me letting go of the negative thoughts towards him and his new marriage is me absolving him of his wrongs against me.

I’ve recognized this as part of the forgiveness process, which I blogged about here.

5. Be Happy For Him

In the photos, my ex looked really happy. Good for him. While typically, I am happy when people are happy, the resentful part of me that hasn’t fully forgiven him wants to shout, “He doesn’t deserve to be happy!” That is ridiculous and selfish of me to think of anyone, but nonetheless, the sentiment is there and something I’m trying to work on.

6. Discussing The Subject With Your Kids

This was the number one important thing to me. I wanted to know what my 11-year-old thought. This woman is her new stepmother, and so I wanted to be sure that my daughter was okay with that. Immediately I texted my daughter and asked how she felt about it and asked if she was happy with the new marriage (she was). When I picked her up after the weekend, we spoke about it at length, and I am assured that she is happy and content. That helped me be okay with it, too.

7. Discussing the Subject With Your Ex…or Not

Depending on your and your ex’s relationship, you could discuss the new marriage with your ex and offer up your congratulations. If your break up is amicable, let them know you are happy for him and wish him the best. My ex and I only communicate if it concerns my daughter. I am happy with that dynamic and, therefore, unless it involves my daughter, we won’t ever have a need to discuss him and his new wife.


Having your ex remarry can still only be described as weird. It’s an influx of feelings that caught me a bit by surprise and as I process through them, I’m sure I’ll discover more things about myself (and most likely that I still have a lot to forgive). But onward in this divorce journey. I know that I am not alone and know that you, my dear reader, are also not alone. For those that have been there, comment below with your experience. Was it weird for you, too?

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  1. I never married. I dated a man for just shy of 4 years. There are too many things wrong and it needed to be over, but that didn’t make it any less painful. He actually tried to win me back, in a rather scary turn of events he started stalking me. He waited for me outside of church, lingering near my car, waiting for me to be alone so he could approach me. Pastors helped, intervened and kept him away. I was shocked to hear after his aggressive chasing, that A mere 8 months later he was married. Not your experienced by any stretch of the imagination, but I totally get the weird.

  2. Came here after finding out my ex husband got married to the woman who he was cheating on me with just about a month and a half after we officially got divorced.

    Yup.. Alot of feelings. Weird feelings. Cause i want nothing to do with him anymore. I don’t love him anymore. I hated him actually.

    But what was written in this article was right.. That same feeling after i got officially divorced. Even though we were separated about a year before the divorce.

    Alot of weird emotions that i thought im over with.. Anger, hurt, betrayal, sadness..
    But it so weird.. It took me awhile to accept and understand cause im surprise at how much I was actually affected.

    Like its not even 2 months post divorce.. Im still here trying to figure out everything, picking up the pieces of my life, balancing work and life and our only child who he obviously doesn’t bother to be involved with her life.. And there he is.. Getting married and going for the honeymoon.

    Its unfair.. Again i know its weird cause its his life and he can do whatever he wants.. But by getting married to the woman who plays a part in the break up of our marriage.. It feels like she finally wins.

    I know its not a competition. But i can’t help feeling that they both got it easy after the divorce.
    Like it wasn’t easy for me.
    Not at all.
    Like they are happy or whatever.. N im still here.. Still so unsure of everything.
    Its gets so tired at times..
    But i can’t breakdown cause i have to be strong for myself and my child.
    Its just so weird and not fair.
    If any of this makes any sense..

    1. It makes perfect sense. It’s almost like the death of your innocence – what you envisioned an what Disney movies have taught us marriage should look like.

      Give yourself time, my friend. Grow from the pain and keep pressing forward. Your kiddo needs you to.


    2. I feel the same way.. it’s hard to explain to other people who have not been cheated on and your ex marrying that woman that help break up the marriage. Their will be some that will say your not over him but that’s not it at all. The emotions all come back and I feel betrayed, not supported and no respect and I’m the one that stayed and took care of 5 kids why he went and started a new life., But I have survived and made it as a single parent while he can’t survive on his own and needs someone to take care of him.

      1. You’re right about feeling betrayed all over again, and for me, it was more of a betrayal and a loss of my idealism – the end of what I envisioned marriage to be as a child, fed by Disney and romance novels. It was the final piece of my childhood that I had to let go.

        Continue to thrive, my friend, and live a life you love!

    3. Omg…. totally makes sense to me! Just found out my ex is engaged to the the 23 yr old he cheated on me with…. (he’s 46 btw) and we haven’t even been divorced a year.

      I don’t want him back… so that’s not the issue. I am 50 and alone. He lied and cheated and he has someone. Its not fair. Older men have an easier time finding someone… older women, as I am finding, dont.

      It hasn’t been easy trying to survive on my own…. and it’s lonely. He has this new “happy” family. (She has a 3 yr old) and I have…. netflix.

      You are not alone. Somehow I will get through this weirdness…. this pain I don’t have a word for….. and you will too. Woman are some of the strongest creatures on the planet….. I believe that. That’s why we were given the responsibility of bearing children.

      I will cry for a week….. dream about horrible things happening to them……then pull up my big girl panties and move along and do what I need to do.
      《Hugs》 I feel your pain.

      1. Hey there,

        I’m sorry you are going through this pain. It gets better! Trust me. Being alone for a bit was actually the best thing that has happened to me. It helped me find myself, learn to love myself and to care less about what people think about what I say and do.

        Also, karma is definitely a thing.

        Look at this time as a gift. Do something that will make you a better stronger person because success is the best “revenge.” Living your best life is better than anything anyone can offer and it’s something that no one can take away from you if you don’t let them.

        Wishing you the best. Thanks for reading.

  3. I just went through this a few weeks ago. Mind you, I’m planning my own wedding. However, reading the text from the ex was “weird” to say the least. He’s actually going to marry before I will, but it’s not a competition. It just was weird. I had all sorts of feelings I couldn’t wrap my mind around. I have some very supportive family members that know my heart and the past marriage. I spoke to them about how I was feeling and they helped me ground myself and be okay with the feelings. Anyhow, I totally get it and I completely understand how it hits with this weird flair that sends you reeling with all sorts of questions, images, feelings that aren’t foreseen; but it is normal to feel that way.

  4. Came across this just trying to see if I was losing my mind. Apparently I’m not alone! My ex and I split nearly 6 years ago, and I’m extremely happy with my life (not dating ATM, while part of me wants to, it’s not a high priority, either)! I found out recently that he has remarried already, to a woman with a child (we never had children, I’ve never been interested). Our split was amicable enough, but we’ve never discussed our personal lives the few times we’ve seen each other.

    I was shocked that it felt so….well, weird. I love my life, I don’t want to go back to that life or him, but I’m still finding it…weird. Just glad to read I’m not alone in feeling that way.

  5. These posts are good. I Just found out the ex is marrying one of the women he cheated on me with. They are both older than I am and I am not a spring chicken. We were married for 20+ years, just divorced 2 years ago; she moved in the month after our divorce.
    I am alone, dating only a bit and in search of a canine. I have felt all of the emotions described here and agree it’s weird. The sharing helps. But I have to think about their marriage in this way: a relationship that is born as the result of lying and cheating/adultery, and by causing someone else’s misery (albeit temporary)…. is not a pure and healthy, hearts and flowers, relationship; there is something else, dark and sticky, going on. I don’t wish them happiness, nor do I wish them sadness – they will experience enough of each without my wishing it…. because that’s what life does. They are a non-entity for me. My marriage was an entity, that was blessed by our families, caused no one heartache in the making and it is gone now. I am a new entity with a clean canvas, a blank slate — seeking and open to find my own happiness because I know it’s out there.

  6. My ex is engaged to his high school girlfriend who he cheated on me with after we were married 25 years. They just bought a new house and moved in together. I don’t want him back in any way but can sure relate to the “weird” and the competition that isn’t really a competition that you wrote about. And I am angry that at 56 I’m starting over but I do love the person I’m becoming. Guess that sounds weird too.

  7. I’m coming at this with a slightly different perspective. I’ve been dating a man for 5 years. He claims I’m the “love of his life” and we have a terrific relationship. He’s been divorced about eight years, separated 10. His ex wife cheated on him and she’s been living with that same person for 10 years now. They recently tied the knot this past weekend. So here’ s the rub for me; (By the way, I am 59, he just turned 70. ) He’s HEARTBROKEN about his ex getting married. !!!! Really??? She’s been living with this guy for 10 years, he’s been with me for FIVE. !! I am devastated about this and its been a terrific blow to our relationship. I asked him if he was upset about the marriage and the reaction was like a kick in the gut for me and I still haven’t recovered. I clearly dont’ know how to move forward now in this relationship. Devastated… Did he think she was coming back after 10 years????? Thoughts?? anyone….

    1. Hi Marie,

      Thank you for sharing…and I’m sorry you are struggling right now. The human psyche and emotions are one of those tricky and mysterious things, aren’t they? I’m definitely not an expert, but just to venture a guess…Men (and women too) are notorious for stuffing down their emotions and not dealing with them. Likely, (and again, I don’t know him or any details) he never really processed and grieved over the end of the relationship and now, with the finality and “official-ness” of marriage, the emotions are surfacing and needing to be processed.

      I know you’re hurting with his reaction, and I totally get that. But maybe, for the sake of your relationship, seek to understand what he is feeling and going through before jumping to conclusions. In my case, there is no way I would ever want my ex back, but having him get remarried was still difficult in the sense that I never grieved the loss of my “ideal” vision of love and marriage. It was something I needed to process through. Maybe give your man some time and extra patience. Be there with a listening ear while you deal with your own processing of his reaction.

      You guys CAN move forward. Just take it one step at a time, my friend. Best of luck to you.

  8. I needed to hear all these comments today and realize I’m not alone in my weird feelings. I was married 23 years . It
    Was 23 years of on line cheating and then the big blow a full blown affair . I finally decided to have some self respect and I divorced him . We have been divorced 2 years . Just
    Found out today he remarried and wasn’t expecting all the emotions I’m experiencing especially since I’m dating a wonderful man. It’s so comforting to know that I’m not alone in how I feel. Janine

  9. I was with my ex husband for 9 years (married for the last 2 of those). I am the one who made the decision to leave the marriage. He is a good guy, there was no cheating, but we just were not right for each other and we both had issues that we were unwilling to work on. I started dating a close friend of mine very shortly after my separation, which I am sure was very painful for my ex. But I just found out that my ex proposed to his girlfriend recently (I think they have been dating for about a year). Even though my boyfriend and I have been together longer, I still feel that sense of losing the competition. It makes me feel like a bad person, I wish that I was more mature than that. At the same time I am truly happy for him, I don’t have romantic feelings for him but I spent 9 years of my life caring about him deeply. The thing that has surprised me about this whole competition thing – I am wondering now why my boyfriend hasn’t proposed to me. Not that I really want to be married again right now, but I feel like somehow my own relationship has now been cheapened. I know that isn’t real but knowing somehow doesn’t make the thought go away. I don’t have anyone that I can talk to about my feelings, so I am glad to read that there are others out there having similar experiences. I guess that helps a little.

    1. Hey there Pepper,

      You are not a bad person. You are a wonderful, complex human that has to work through the crap of life and emotions. It’s never an easy road to become a more emotionally mature person and anything worth doing will be difficult. I wish you luck on your journey. Don’t beat yourself up too much.

  10. Thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts about the ex and how weird it is. We’ve been divorced for over ten years and I just found out he’s going to ask his new gf for marriage. He made things miserable for me, so why does he get to be happy again was my first thought. He’s supposed to live a miserable life now that I’m gone… ha. It doesn’t help my seven year relationship has just ended. Your article is right on. I’m not in love still, but I do feel like I lost a competition I don’t know I was in. Thank you for sharing because the anxiety tonight almost got the best of me!!

    1. Hi Tasha,

      I totally know where you are coming from! Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. Best of luck on your journey and know that you’re never alone in this!


  11. Well I found out today that he married a few days ago. Not to shocked, I am glad that God made it so that I found out in a gentle way. I did not feel hurt or jealous, I don’t want him back, his not someone that I feel was good to me in the end so I am glad that it is over, long over 10 years ago. However I do feel that I have to process, I do feel that I need to feel something I kind of feel like I don’t. Am I holding back? It really does not impact me much, I cant lament what has been long over and what I feel is someone that did not love me? Appreciate me? Care for me? Should I feel something?, Maybe what gets to me is that my kids have not told me, but I know that he has raised my kids in such a way that they do not tell me anything about his life. I kind of feel this is something that should have been shared with me. We co-parent but in the end I feel that I am half raising my kids, there is this part of me that I cant share with my kids and my kids cant with me. So I sit silently and wait for time to pass until my kids are of 18 and perhaps than I can really start my life. Until than I feel my life has to be shut down, this part brings sorrow to my heart. Any thought, I am just trying to explore my feelings.

    1. Hey there,

      There is definitely no “right way” to go through this. If you feel like you need to process, then yes, make it a priority to do so. But if you feel nothing, then that’s totally okay too!

      I totally understand the whole half raising the kids thing. I found out about my ex getting remarried from our daughter’s social media post (which she later deleted).

      I do want to encourage you to start your life today! There is no reason to have to put your life on hold for some future date or event. Life’s too short. Live today to the fullest, my friend. Grab that time you have with the kids (even if it’s only half the week) and do your best. And on the other half, go out and be your best self!


  12. After 25 years of marriage and 3 teenage kids, I found out my beloved husband was cheating on me with a younger woman who was also married at the time and had two young kids of her own. My husband and I parted ways, amicably, but I was devastated . We got divorced 4 years after separating and he married his lover a mere 4 months after that. . the day he remarried I cried like a baby; I was over him but still, I felt betrayed, sad and lonely.
    Karma hit two years after their marriage and they too got divorced. Needless to say, I celebrated that breakup with champagne!
    It’s been 3 years since their divorce and now I hear he’s getting married… AGAIN ! This time to a woman the same age as our oldest daughter. He is 57 and she is 29. Yikes !
    I am 54 years old and I have lived happily on my own for 9 years now, enjoying my time with friends, family, my kids and 2 beautiful grandkids… Yet again, I feel betrayed, sad, mad and upset beyond words about this new marriage, The thought of him having more kids (which will most probably happen) makes my blood boil… Am I being irrational ?

    1. Hi Carlie,

      You are definitely NOT irrational! Emotions are a tricky thing – allow yourself to feel and process whatever you want without judgement on yourself or from others.

      Part of me thinks that it’s us mourning our idea of what marriage should look like and the little girl inside that thought it should be “happily ever after” like the movies. The other part, I think, is me being a little petty about him finding happiness (something I have to consistently work on) after causing me so much pain.

      Best of luck,

  13. I’m a guy and hope it’s ok to post here. When I was married my ex-wife suffered from mental illness and was very paranoid thinking that our house had hidden cameras and that people was after her and following her. She eventually divorced me because she thought I was participating and connected to the folks that was out to get her. It was the saddest thing to watch and she refused to go see a doctor because she didn’t think anything was wrong with her and that the delusions were real in her mind. She moved away 2 years ago and I never heard from her again. I goggled her name a few days ago only to find that she is remarried. I was baffled and confused and hurt.

    1. Hey Brian,

      OF COURSE it’s okay that you post here. Thanks for sharing your story. I’m sorry to hear about what you went through and I’m sure it was difficult to learn of her remarriage. As you process through the emotions, just remember that everything you are feeling is very normal and you aren’t alone.

      Best of luck,

      1. thank you sooooo much ! I was googling this experience and found this site, I feel so much better after reading everyone’s experience and the advise you give. This site is amazing and was a God send. I’ve been so out of it and felt hopeless, but I do have hope now and know the feelings I’m experiencing are ok and normal.

  14. I’m a guy too and just recently found out my ex wife has gotten remarried. We split two years ago (yes, over Xmas 🙁 ) and it was me that initiated the break up. I’m lucky enough to have found a fantastic new partner who I’m now living with. I agree, it totally feels weird knowing she’s remarried – I don’t want her back, she slowly, slowly made me feel miserable, but now I feel like I can’t propose to my new girlfriend as it would be seen that I’m competing! Not sure I actually want to propose, not because I don’t love her dearly, but because my faith in the idea of marriage is a little shaky at the moment. Hopefully one day my faith in marriage will return and I’ll want to propose – hopefully long enough after my ex has remarried that I won’t feel like I’ve been competing! Isn’t life difficult sometimes…

    1. Breaking up over Christmas would be rough.

      I understand about not wanting to get re-married. I’ve been with a lovely person for the last 5 or so years and marriage is not on my mind at all. Our relationship is great and I don’t need a piece of paper to legally keep us together – the tax break may be nice though, but not enough for me to be remotely interested in tying the knot again. That may change in the future, but for now, we are content with the way things are. If he wishes to get married someday, that would be a conversation we’d have to have and agree on before moving forward in that area.

      I know many people that remarry and are great, so of course, it is all about how you and your partner feel and want to do. Do what’s best for you guys! As for the competition aspect, I’d recommend letting that go, just because it may be keeping you from moving forward in your personal journey. Do what is necessary for you (and your new girlfriend) to be happy and whole.

      Wishing you the best on your journey,

  15. I’m 38, been divorced almost 1 year, separated for 4. I was with my ex 15 yrs total, and we have a 7 yr old daughter that we coparent. I inititated the separation – he was/is very depressive, an alcoholic and emotionally abusive to me. He was devistated when I left him and still continues to be emotionally abusive towards me today (which I am in therapy for). I am still single but am really starting to enjoy my life again. He has been dating someone for a little over a year, who is very nice (we met and had coffee because my daughter was spending time with her and her 2 children and I wanted to make sure she wasn’t a bad influence for my daughter). I am not jealous of her in the least, I actually feel bad for her that she is just starting her journey with this very difficult person. But I’m also so angry that she is enabling his unhealthy choices, and helping him financially, probably hoping she’ll save him (just like I did) and that such a disfunctional rotten person has found someone so loving and committed to him. I am still single, hoping with all my heart that I find love again. Today my daughter told me they are all going to live together soon and it broke my heart and filled me with rage. My reaction suprised me because I knew this was coming at some point. Why does he get rewarded with a new family when he has behaved like such a behemoth? And the jealousy I feel about when this woman gets to spend all that precious time with my daughter in “their” house – my daughter will have a new family that I won’t be a part of. I feel very deserted and ashamed of my envy for their partnership that I haven’t found yet for myself. I try to remember that I’ll always be my daughter’s mom and that when I do find love again, it will be because I am a happier healthier person for taking care of myself. But still, it’s hard…

    1. Hey Robyn,

      I totally understand where you’re coming from. I still struggle with feelings from time to time (less and less as time passes) with feelings of “unfairness” that he is rewarded for being a tool, but I have to remind myself that 1) I need to remember that I’ve done things in the past that I’m not proud of either and I certainly don’t want someone to hold that against me 2) people change and whether he has or not, it’s no longer my problem and I don’t want to/need to waste my energy on worrying about him. As long as he is a great dad to my kiddo and her stepmom is a great person to her as well, I’ve got better things to focus my energies on. Some days, of course, it comes rearing back.

      Don’t feel ashamed of your feelings. It’s a part of life and part of your journey to work through those feelings to become a better person through the adversity. It is hard, but so worth it.

      Good luck on your journey!

  16. I fought for our marriage for 4 years without success. Our divorce was amicable ; we both made mistakes in our marriage and this pushed us away from each other so we were going to date and try and rekindle our love for each other (how naive). We were seeing other people and still chatting and discussing what we were going to do about each other. However, my life went upside down when I found out he hooked up with my best friend and he told me he didn’t want to be married anymore and that we were done for good as a couple. I wanted to die right there on the spot. It was the end of my life as I knew it. The guy I was seeing asked me to marry him and I hastily said yes and we married 4 months later. I wanted someone to love me and he did.
    She pushed my girls out of my exes life and they only see him on special occasions, still to this day. He and I had 50/50 custody, and they now live with me full time. I despised her every fiber of being. 4 years later she gave him a son, which he questioned about whether to keep or not (he did and I am so glad as he is an adorable kid). He and I spoke a lot about their relationship. He called me when they found out she was pregnant and wanted me to hear it from him and not the grapevine. We were best friends, we were together literally 1/2 our lives, we had children together so it felt natural to talk the way we did (it’s not healthy, I don’t suggest anyone do that, lol). I had somewhat forgiven her when she fell gravely ill (I do have a heart) and almost lost her life to a tumor in her lung. Before they found the tumor he had told me how he was going to leave her but didn’t because then he’d look bad for leaving a near dying woman. She and I began speaking again and she began confiding in me that she is miserable and knows why I divorced him now.
    Fast forward to 2018… we are all getting along great now. We have joint parties for the girls and talk quiet a bit. Just 2 months ago she is crying to me that she want to leave but has no where to go. I open my Facebook on Christmas morning and see him on one knee and her crying saying yes. Talk about a punch in the gut, I wanted to puke.
    I was so sad and devastated all over again, I felt like I was being back stabbed again by them. Our youngest daughter said she cried, not because she was happy but because now she is stuck with a woman she doesn’t like. BTW, my kids never liked her, even when we were beast friends. I am confused about my own reaction and emotions over it. I have been married for 7 years and moved on completely so I don’t understand this reaction. We have been getting along great, she and I have actually this year gone and had drinks together after a birthday party for a mutual friend (all my ex could do was laugh when she told him she was with me). She and I aren’t best friends by any means but we do get along. And I am confused because how can two people who want to leave each other want to get married 2 months later after confessing how they don’t want each other any more? Am I missing something? I want them to be happy I really do, everyone deserves to be happy no matter who or what. Can you please explain my reaction to this? Did you understand all this or was it babble, lol. I hope you can help me understand.

    1. Hi Ann,

      Thank you for sharing your story. It’s so great to hear that everyone has worked through the issues and have learned to get along. That really is the best scenario for you and your children, mentally and emotionally.

      Feelings and emotions are a strange thing. It’s never a linear process. Things we thought that we’ve worked often times will pop right up again with some trigger and really, the abnormalness of it all is a normal thing because feelings don’t follow any list or rulebook. We just need to accept that there are some latent issues that we need to deal with and learn from. Sometimes, feelings I thought I’ve dealt with will pop up and it’s just another step in the journey of self-awareness. It’s a good thing, though it sucks while you’re going through it. What you’re feeling is normal and life likely wants you to learn something about yourself in it. Focus on what that may be and what you may need to process so you can move on.

      They may say they hate each other and now are getting married. Or they may love each other and are getting married. The thing is, it does not matter. Wish them the best. It’s not your responsibility to understand their problems or take on those problems (if you don’t want to). If one of them needs to vent and starts sounding off to you, give yourself permission to say to that person, “I’m not the person you should be venting to” or “I am uncomfortable in hearing this.” (Typically, if anyone starts venting to me about anything, I always ask them what they are going to do about it to change the situation or are they just complaining to complain lol but that’s just me).

      I hope that helped a little in your understanding of your reaction to the situation. It’s all a process. Just keep focusing on you and your children first and foremost, always.

  17. You are very correct in the fact that it has been good for my children. Made me cry to know that my emotions and reaction are normal even for my odd circumstance. I suppose I hang onto grudges and hurt even when I think I have let them go.
    I know I shouldn’t care what goes on with them, it is their life. I have always been the shoulder to cry on, the ear to listen and the advise giver, maybe that is why they feel they can open up to me and I feel it to be normal? I should definitely do what you do though, especially with them.
    Thank you for your insight and advise. It did help a lot.

    1. Hey Ann,

      Being a supportive person is an amazing trait and one you should be proud of. Just mak e sure you always protect yourself first so that you don’t get hurt. Always do what you think is right for you. I have a friend that is still very close to her ex for the sake of their children. They still take family vacations together and celebrate holidays. I could never do that, but it works for them.

      Best wishes,

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